Enxoo elevates Upp with Salesforce Communications Cloud

Enxoo, a Salesforce consulting boutique specializing in the telecommunications industry, and Upp, a dynamic FTTx entrant in the UK’s telecom landscape, joined forces in January 2021 to create an IT platform that elevates customer experience with a broadband provider to the next level. This collaboration seamlessly integrated Enxoo’s innovative telecom BSS solution with a number of Salesforce clouds, setting a new industry standard for efficiency, transparency, and customer-centricity. The solution helped Upp to rapidly establish itself as an innovative and competitive player on the market, and become a top alternative broadband provider in the East of England.

The seamless integration with various Salesforce platforms, ERP and other systems provides Upp with a fully automated Lead-to-Cash cycle with zero-touch processes, ensuring full data transparency, operational visibility and efficiency. Upp benefits from Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Order functionality on its website. Through Upp.com, customers can check service availability, buy products, upgrade their packages and make or change appointments with field service engineers. In addition Upps dynamic customer portal allows customers to take control of their interactions with customer service by creating and managing their own customer service tickets and how the case progresses until resolution.

Enxoo supported Upp with all marketing automation in-cluding acquisition, lead, on supply and the nurturing of customer journeys. Enxoo also built a flexible foundation of systems and processes, allowing Upp to scale and grow its business from day one. The solution includes the integration with OSS, enabling seamless communication with Nokia, Upp’s network infrastructure partner.

Seamless Transition to Communications Cloud

Fast forward to the present, in collaboration with Enxoo, Upp successfully upgraded its solution to Salesforce Communications Cloud, a flagship Salesforce industry product for telecommunications. This upgrade, which took 9 months to implement,  introduced new capabilities, such as ordering add-on services through the Enterprise Product Catalogue, streamlining product management, and reducing time to market. The solution is setting the stage for scalability and continued future growth.

Paving the Way for the Future

The Upp solution spans across the Salesforce Platform, encompassing various aspects such as the Upp website, My Account self-care functionality (Experience Cloud), Field Service, Field Sales, Customer Care, Call Centre, MuleSoft, Marketing Cloud, and Certinia (formerly FinancialForce). Enxoo’s support extended to both the public website upp.com and a comprehensive solution with front-end interfaces and APIs. This allowed for seamless product selection, purchase, and payment in a single session for Upp’s prospects and customers. Upp’s BSS is already seamlessly integrated with OSS and a provisioning platform, enabling zero-touch service activation and management.

For media inquiries or more information, please contact:

Maciej Simm, maciej.simm@enxoo.com, +48 791 541 321

Upp, headquartered in Peterborough, is a UK telecoms provider with a mission to deliver next-level broadband services to underserved areas in the East of England. With a commitment to innovation and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Upp.com continues to redefine excellence in the telecoms industry.

Enxoo provides telecommunications-specific digital transformation solutions based on Salesforce technology. As one of the fastest-growing independent Salesforce partners since 2012, Enxoo’s mission is to provide a combination of solutions and consulting services to optimize sales cycles, support growth & revenue, and improve operational processes. For more information, visit: enxoo.com