Revolutionize Your Digital Experience with Our Advanced FTTx Solution

Enxoo for FTTx aims to simplify and optimize ISP operations, making it easier to meet growing demands and deliver high-quality service. Shorten critical time-to-market and create zero-touch processes to improve CX!

Missing Processes & Integrations

Lack of standardized processes and integrations for service deployment, customer onboarding, causing inefficiencies and operational hurdles.

Digital CX & Journey

Developing effective strategies for customer acquisition, use & retention of digital channels, marketing, sales, tailored promotions.

Effective Network rollout

Challenges in fiber infrastructure construction and ensuring seamless connectivity in designated service areas.

Immature Product Catalog

Creating a comprehensive product catalog that clearly outlines services, pricing, and package options for customers.

Regulatory compliance

Navigating complex telecom regulatory requirements and ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

Enxoo for FTTX is structured around four key layers where Enxoo plays vital role in three of them:

  1. Front-End layer
  2. BSS layer
  3. Integration layer
  4. OSS layer

This structure offers a strong value proposition to FTTx Internet Service Providers (ISPs), characterized by the following features:

  • Tailored Solution: Customized to meet the specific needs of FTTx businesses and ISPs.
  • Automation Focus: Aims to streamline operations and achieve operational excellence through automation.
  • Modularity and Future-Proofing: Adopts a platform-based approach, ensuring modularity and future scalability.
  • Prebuilt Products and Processes: Includes prebuilt products and processes to speed up implementation and reduce time-to-market.
  • 80% Ready, 20% Dev: Provides a solution that is 80% ready out-of-the-box, requiring only 20% of development effort to tailor to specific requirements.
B/OSS architecture blueprint for FTTx providers

End-To-End Customer Journey

1. Customer acquisition

  • Marketing automation
  • Lead capture
  • Offer definition
  • Bundles & promotions
  • Serviceability check
  • Partner enablement
  • Configure/Price/Quote

2. Order Management

  • Order capture
  • Installation scheduling
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Field Service –
    Installation Visit
  • Service Orchestration

3. Billing & Settlement

  • Customer invoicing
  • Payments management

4. Customer

  • Omni-channel
    customer support
  • Chat / Call-Centers
  • Self-service
  • Network Trouble Ticketing
  • Customer Trouble Ticketing
  • Technician Visit

5. In-life
Service Management

  • Contract management
  • Service change requests (upgrades / downgrades)

Why Enxoo for FTTx?

Business Approach:

Technology Approach:

Predefined FTTx products & processes

  • Set of predefined & preconfigured FTTx related products & processes to speed up the project design & implementations phases
  • Based on similar projects already delivered in FTTx subsegment
  • Future proof and following the industry standards like TMF

Partner Portal

  • Ready to use template for self-service portal for customers
  • Enables: verification of the offer at certain location, placing order and schedule activation appointment, raising a Customer Trouble Ticket on active service
  • Ability to view orders, services and tickets and their current processing status

Industry API Hub

  • Logical breakdown of Enxoo API Hub based on Mulesoft
  • 4 abstraction layers including: Experience, Adapter, Process & System
  • Layers allow exposing APIs, formal validation, orchestration mechanisms handling, mapping MEF data model and more!

Enxoo MEF for Comms Clouds

  • Mapping layer built on Mulesoft platform providing MEF/TMF standards adoption
  • Adding on top partner enablement capability

Billing & Invoicing

  • Crucial element enabling monetizing business
  • Light solution providing critical capabilities regarding Billing & Invoicing
  • Solution enables: Billing profile management, Automation of billing runs, Revenue collection & more!

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