Driving Successful Digital Transformation in 2023

The digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, while internet access remains limited to only 65% of the global population. To navigate the complexities of digital transformation, industry-wide collaboration, standardization, automation, and extensive education are vital.

Recently, the Carrier Community organized a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “The Role of the Network in Enterprise Digital Transformation Today and Tomorrow” during GCCM Berlin. 

Experienced representatives from EnxooExpereoOrchest TechnologiesDCConnect GlobalAroundtown and ZPE Systems shared their valuable perspectives, shedding light on the crucial aspects of driving successful digital transformation.

Ethan Lawlor, Head of Business Development (UK & Ireland) at Enxoo
Charmond Tsang, CCO at DCConnect Global
Nicolas Cramer, Wholesale Director at Orchest Technologies
Daniel Wishnia, Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Aroundtown
Sander Barens, Chief Product Officer at Expereo

Key Insights from the Carrier Community Panel Discussion

Rene Neumann, Director of Solution Engineering at ZPE Systems, emphasized the importance of communication and connectivity within the carrier community:

Communication is key to what we are doing. It’s key to the way we are living. It’s giving meaning to what we do. So whatever we do in the carrier community to bring us closer together, to enable us to communicate with the people who we care about, people who we are working with on a daily basis, I think that is going to be the key. And we are in the unique business of knowing how to connect people internationally. So let’s use that expertise and try to make all of that happen in a meaningful way in the future”.

Ethan Lawlor, Head of Business Development (UK & Ireland) at Enxoo, calls for Deeper Thinking on Technological Advancements and the Need for Education and Automation:

“I think we’re in a unique space as being the providers of that connectivity and seeing its value so quickly. I think we’re slightly ahead of the curve compared to different industries and living in the future, as you said, to get a little bit more high level. I think we, as a society, need to be thinking a bit deeper about what this actually means because it’s coming incredibly fast and things like education will increase but the more automation we have the more we need to plan. I think Bill Gates has talked quite often about a “robot tax” and if we’re creating or taking away roles from the individual, we’re creating opportunities where companies can optimize and be more efficient. We need to be thinking about what that means within our traditional structures. And I’m all for Adorno’s dream of increased leisure time with increased productivity, but I think it’s really something wider for us to be thinking about as we move forward”.

Charmond Tsang, CCO at DCConnect Global, highlights the Evolving Nature of Telecommunication and the Importance of Collaboration and Automation:

“The world is changing in a way that we are barely catching up to understand what’s happening. Generated AI, accelerated computing. And I heard some comments talking about how a data center is not going to be a server, it’s going to become a computer. The whole data center becomes a computer, part of the network component. So this is beyond our original understanding of telecommunication. So I think what we need to do is through what we can do, automation and order collaboration standards between carriers and API that sort of thing, is needed to make it more effective. I’m a full believer in collaboration, in automation, in what shape or form. So let’s get all the carriers together and make it work”.

Nicolas Cramer, Wholesale Director at Orchest Technologies, focuses on Automation and the Application of AI to Enhance Efficiency:

Unfortunately, in our region, we are far away from automation. That’s the reason why our main focus was to get all information from our local provider and automate it with our systems. We have been the only carrier in the Latin American region who developed a tool that follows up on all the life cycle of the service because we saw the demand of the end customer. So something that we are focusing on is AI. We are applying AI in our processes. So it’s something we are already doing. So from our end, we are 100% focused on that”.

The Industry’s Cooperative Nature: Ethan Lawlor stresses the Importance of Working Together for Successful Transformation:

“Telco is an industry that likes to cooperate extensively. We’re working very closely with MEF to try and be a part of shaping what that means from our perspective as the software integrators and getting in depth into many different enterprises in a way that maybe people aren’t as privy to this information. And I think that there definitely is an appetite for it there. And I think it’s something that we’re moving in the right direction, if ever, a little bit slowly. And with some of the big players making that move towards standardisation, hopefully, we’ll see a bit more movement and be able to continue on with the growth so we can all work together”.

Daniel Wishnia, Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Aroundtown, on the Transformational Impact of Technology on the Workforce and Workplace:

For technology, it’s changing transformation, innovation, and it’s regarding the education thing. And one of the things regarding AI we’re embracing and educating our people. How to use your same path, we are going to change the workforce and the workplace in the work systems because, as I told you before, people are some of the industries. People work physically, and some companies are really changing the way people work”.

Nicolas Cramer from Orchest Technologies reaffirmed the focus on automation and standardization to increase efficiency:

“Yes, just to take away, we need to focus on automation and standardization, and the reason is not to reduce manpower but to increase efficiency in terms”.

Conclusion: Optimizing Connectivity for Global Success

In conclusion, Sander Barens, Chief Product Officer at Expereo, stressed the need for optimized connectivity and expert guidance in digital transformation: 

“​​Connectivity is not everywhere yet. We need to optimize that so that everybody has access to it. And today only 65% of the world has access to the internet. It’s a fact. So to go into this new digital transformation is highly complex. I think my closing statement for today is that you need to think about digital transformation or you will run behind your competition. But at the same time, don’t get overly ambitious trying to do it all in one big thing. ​​Don’t try to do it all yourself, get an expert there that can help you on the transformational journey”.

These valuable insights from the panel discussion underscore the significance of collaboration, automation, education, and expert support in driving successful digital transformation. By embracing these principles, organizations can navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and remain competitive in an ever-evolving world.