CIECH Sarzyna enhances sales process efficiency with cutting-edge Salesforce technology

This initiative is aimed at improving cooperation with distributors and streamlining their support processes within the Agrochemical segment of the CIECH Group’s business strategy.

About Client

CIECH Sarzyna, a company belonging to the CIECH Group, is the largest manufacturer of plant protection products in Poland, operating internationally.

The Challenge

The main objective of the project carried out with Enxoo was to improve customer relationship management and service processes while reducing order processing times and improving production planning efficiency. 

Quarterly, the company handles hundreds of orders from distributors, which are received through various communication channels and must be processed efficiently, accurately, and swiftly. 

Distributors require complete information about their orders, including availability and order status, while the manufacturer needs to forecast demand, manage production, and smoothly process all orders. Additionally, this system should offer opportunities for cross-selling and upselling, ultimately contributing to increased sales. 

Products Used

  • B2B Commerce
  • Manufacturing Cloud
  • Customer 360

The Solution

To support CIECH Sarzyna’s business goals, Enxoo, a digital transformation expert and long-term Salesforce Partner, implemented the Manufacturing Cloud and B2B Commerce platform utilizing Salesforce technology. This optimization has streamlined CIECH Sarzyna’s sales processes successfully. The project was completed within three months and launched at the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Enxoo also enabled various reports and dashboards for prospect lifecycle tracking and marketing activity monitoring.

The Results

With the new sales platform, CIECH Sarzyna gained complete and transparent control over sales planning and execution processes. Additionally, they can now better understand and anticipate their customers’ needs. Salesforce’s solution enabled the optimization of the distribution processes and customer support, contributing to increased operational efficiency.

With the implemented solution, CIECH Sarzyna has a 360-degree view available on the Salesforce platform, allowing not only data analysis but also the coordination of all activities related to customer acquisition and retention.

Meanwhile, plant protection product distributors have gained access to an intuitive and user-friendly online ordering system, resulting in faster and more efficient ordering of these products.

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